Elena Bulatova, ‘WSJ Cartoon and Superheroes series  ’, 2018, Elena Bulatova Fine Art

New series on WSJ newspaper with cartoons and superheroes. The choice of superheroes is made due to the fact that any superhero characters displays extraordinary powers or abilities, exceptional skills and/or advanced equipment not available to simple humans. Since the Wall Street Journal reports all the events in the world including negative news that people face again and again, conflicts, diseases, wars... Globalization brings us together connecting with news instantly like never before facing these threats but we still cannot solve all the problems that our civilization encounters every year. Superheroes possessing supernatural powers give us hope to finding solutions and bringing optimism about our future.

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Image rights: Elena Bulatova Fine Art

Welcome to the world of Elena Bulatova, the pioneering Russian-born artist now dominating contemporary art in Palm Springs, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as showing work throughout the world in private and public collections based in Australia, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, many European countries and, of course, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, and Seattle.

There are many must-see pieces made by Elena Bulatova. Let's start with her WSJ series. Building from her background in Economics and Business at Moscow State University and her time spent at Yale as a recipient of a prestigious scholarship, Elena begins her days (sometimes after painting) by reading the world news, and her insight gained into the cultural and political happenings around the world infuses some of her most interesting (and affordable) pieces with the biggest news of the day.

Drawn directly onto the business, entertainment and culture sections of the Wall Street Journal newspaper, Elena simultaneously captures a revisitable snapshot of the world and encapsulates our hopes and dreams with amazing figures from popular culture. Batman and Robin! The Joker! Captain America! Superman and Superwoman! Spiderman, and even Peanuts favorites Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Linus van Pelt make their appearance. Betty Boop and Tweetie Bird also have a special place in our hearts, and anything is possible with Elena Bulatova. She is considering Sports and Fashion icons next.

About Elena Bulatova

Russian, b. 1983, Las Vegas, NV, United States, based in Las Vegas, NV, United States

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