Eliezer Sonnenschein, ‘No man land’, 2008, Blanca Soto Arte

Blanca Soto Arte

About Eliezer Sonnenschein

Pushing the boundaries of social norms in modern-day Israel, Eliezer Sonnenschein shares an unorthodox study of the human experience through installations, paintings, sculptures, and digital photomontages that investigate his cultural perspective. Born in Haifa, Israel, Sonnenschein currently lives and works in Rosh Pina in the country’s northern district. His work presents a hybrid sensory interpretation of his surroundings, drawing inspiration from computer games, commercials, and virtual media and juxtaposed against different times, locations, and realities. Working towards political criticism, Sonnenschein has included weapons and robotic characters in his work. Further, often exploring virtual technology, he has shown apocalyptic scenes painted with the two-dimensionality of computer games and a series of portraits derived from Facebook photos.

Israeli, b. 1967