Elise Morris, ‘New Day 2’, 2016, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Image rights: Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, 2016

About Elise Morris

Elise Morris is best known for her paintings featuring abstracted-but-recognizable forms derived from flowers and trees. The acrylic and oil paintings are characterized by their dynamic and brushy marks, and luminous-though-muted palettes. The focus of these works, however, is to evoke the quality and effect of natural, roving light. Morris identifies her purpose as “seeking that glimmer when the surface of the painting truly becomes the edge of a space.” She also makes works on paper using acrylic and graphite, which feature more translucent forms and shadows. She has also worked in mixed-media installations in variations of her paintings’ themes. Her better known projects include suites of silk paintings stretched in embroidery hoops, and painted paper and cast latex forms based on the forms of found magnolia blossoms.