Elise Windsor, ‘Lady Bits as Figure’, 2016, Projet Pangée

Unique piece, maple wood frame included in the price, framed by the artist.

Elise Windsor's practice explores the materiality of photography, drawing attention to photographs as objects. She constructs large-scale installations that are loud and bright, incorporating photographs, found objects, and built elements. In these elaborate environments, photographs are presented as one of many elements, allowing the viewer to engage them on a different level. Windsor pushes the photograph as a material thing by using photography tropes, particularly still life. Her formal investigation is carried out through photographs combined with large-scale installations where images are fluid and have no fixed location. She brings to the fore this objecthood by displaying the photographs not just on the wall, but by also placing them without hierarchy throughout her installations. She solicits the viewing experience by demanding more than a second of the viewers’ attention, making viewers conscious of the act of looking. Her work has been recently shown in Montreal (Parisian Laundry, Galerie Ephémère, Art souterrain) and in Toronto (OCAD U Gallery, Soho Lobby Gallery).

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