Elizabeth Coyne, ‘Only Now’, 2015, Carrie Haddad Gallery

Artist statement: My recent paintings are a meditation on being in this world and specifically my intimate connection to the places, landscapes, and places I have lived and connected with in my heart. The energy, thoughts & energy that are contained there and bear witness to what I am trying to conevy to the viewer .The poetic of those space and places, are like an individual landscape . The idea of loss is never far from my mind and the invisible state of protectiveness and vulnerable we all bear, about the precarious and fragility of being alive. My goal as a painter is to create a living emotional moving & emotive imag, through the paint and the images I am trying to convey. At this point in my career I am trying to get to the essence of my thoughts, there has been a shift in my work , but there is always a point when I look back and understand why I made the work. The most important thing to me is to be honest and true to my work.

About Elizabeth Coyne

American, b. 1960, Minnesota, United States, based in New York, United States

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