Elizabeth Gourlay, ‘Broken line blue’, 2014, IdeelArt
Elizabeth Gourlay, ‘Broken line blue’, 2014, IdeelArt

This is part of a series of gouaches on paper and vellum created while working in Umbria, Italy during the summer of 2012.

These pieces were inspired by Gourlay's response to the surrounding color and the geometry of the architecture.

The central element is both an open space and a contained space like a courtyard. The line around this varies in thickness and shape creating different dynamics between the forms.

About Elizabeth Gourlay

Elizabeth Gourlay explores the nuances of color and form in her abstract paintings, works on paper, and prints, which she compares to musical compositions: “Looking at the work is a dynamic interaction and the eye moves around the piece element to element, as musical note to musical note. The result is a play of tones, chords, dissonances and harmonies.” Though her works are composed of grids, lines, and geometric shapes, evidence of the artist’s hand is everywhere apparent—in feathery graphite lines, whose edges dissipate into the soft background washes of pigment; in playfully staggered bands of color; or in squares and triangles that actively intersect or sit side-by-side, rubbing edges. Gourlay intentionally incorporates warmth and gesture into all of her works, whose layered vocabulary of abstract forms emerges from her thoughts, emotions, and observations of the world.

American, b. 1961

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