Elizabeth Morisette, ‘Mercized’, 2013, Addison/Ripley Fine Art

About Elizabeth Morisette

“Essentially any mass quantity of items is fair game to put into one of my pieces,” says Elizabeth Morisette, an artist who turns other people’s recyclables into treasure in her mixed media installations, sculptures and objects, wall hangings, and community projects. She is drawn to the utilitarian and humble, and to the unlikely items that people choose to amass into collections. These range wildly, from safety pins and zippers to used toothbrushes and eyeglasses. By carefully weaving them into textile-like wall hangings, or assembling them into bright, whimsical forms and vessels, she makes them beautiful. Though friends and family deliver stuff directly to her, Morisette also sources collections from eBay, a key part of her practice that gives her a glimpse into the lives and psychology of the collectors. As she sees it: “These pieces each have many stories to tell.”

American, b. 1971, Mountain Home, Idaho, based in Fort Collins, Colorado