Elizabeth Murray, ‘We Meet Again’, 2004, michael lisi / contemporary art

This screenprint in colors was created by the artist in 2004. Signed in pencil and numbered, from the edition of 108 measuring 31.1 x 46.1 in. (79 x 117.2 cm.).

About Elizabeth Murray

Inspired by Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock’s work, as well as Pablo Picasso’s Cubist works, American painter Elizabeth Murray’s oeuvre span styles from a Minimalist use form and color to bold, cartoonish Surrealism. Her works push the boundaries of a two-dimensional medium; the irregular triangles in the “Giant Maiden” series (1972) strain against the edges of canvases painted in high relief, while the explosive colors on an intricate collage-like canvas in Do the Dance (2005) lend the painting a kinetic, almost optical quality.

American, 1940-2007, Chicago, Illinois, based in Washington County, New York