Elliot Ross, ‘Animal (10)’, 2007, ClampArt

Signature: Signed and titled, verso

About Elliot Ross

Inspired by a photograph of his late cat, San Francisco-based photographer Elliot Ross began creating images of animals in 2007. Each of these dramatic black-and-white portraits showcase a single, unidentified animal, stripped away from its settings and digitally manipulated to appear as though sculpted by light. Against a dark black background, the animals’ poses become exaggerated, allowing the viewer to focus on the individual animal, as well as specific gestures and expressions, as if looking at a portrait of a human. As such, the artist sees the work as a way to investigate what is unknowable about both the animal world and the human.

American, Chicago, Illinois, based in San Francisco, California

Solo Shows on Artsy

At The Gate, Elliot Ross + Magna Carta, Rubber Factory, New York