Elliott Kaufman, ‘Hudson River 10_2x81’, 2010, Carrie Haddad Gallery

25 x 33 inch image on 30 x 40 inch paper, unframed

Elliott Kaufman describes New York City as “a laboratory in constant movement." In his series “Street Dance,” Kaufman photographs repetitive actions of passersby – such as riding a bicycle or entering a subway station – from a single vantage point and arranges the images in a grid.

Key to his series, Kaufman explains, was calculating how changing light would affect the environment. “The bicycles had to be back-lit at the very end of the day,” he says. “The subway steps were calculated so that the light would cast perfect north/south shadows.” He also shot a varying number of exposures at each scene to relay the “staccato rhythm” he sought – as many as 225. “The camera catches the commonality of movement,” he says, “until what endures is a patter of dance and motion.”

About Elliott Kaufman

based in New York, NY, United States