Elmgreen & Dragset, ‘Two Works: Classifieds; International News’, 2014 / 2014, Outset: Benefit Auction 2017
Elmgreen & Dragset, ‘Two Works: Classifieds; International News’, 2014 / 2014, Outset: Benefit Auction 2017

Each (framed): 168 x 130 x 26 cm. (66 x 51 x 10 1/4 in.)
Edition of 45/48 + 10 AP + 10 PP

From the Catalogue:
Designed to echo the layout of a traditional newspaper, “Classifieds” and “International News” resemble the typical front pages of classified advertisements and international news sections, respectively. However, Elmgreen & Dragset’s oversized prints have an intentionally faded effect and are cropped to include only the middle of the page. Both are dated “Tuesday, October 1, 2013”, the opening date of the artists’ solo exhibition “Tomorrow” at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

“Classifieds” includes fictional classified ads that encompass many subjects, including apartments for rent, dogs, bathroom & kitchen, and campers, flanked by personal ads on either side. Interspersed throughout are a mixture of found images and photographs of iconic Elmgreen & Dragset works, including “Short Cut” (a car and caravan breaking through the ground—here referred to as “Chateau Road Coach, 2003”, with a nod to the year of the actual work) and “Marriage” (double sinks connected by a winding drain pipe, here with the caption “New bathroom?”). The imaginary personal ads range from the likes of an old lady seeking a ride to work to a man who wants to go cruising in the woods to a band searching for a new singer.

“International News” begins with the headline “British Architect Norman Swann Found Dead in His Family’s South Kensington Apartment”, a direct reference to Elmgreen & Dragset’s fictional character Norman Swann, the absent protagonist of their exhibition at the V&A. Visible sections of surrounding articles refer to British cultural heritage, recent political events, homoerotic gay saunas, and the headline “Community Service for Unemployment Benefits.” In a cut-off shoe advertisement, the distinctive Prada font can be discerned from the last two letters, “DA”.
Source: Studio Elmgreen & Dragset

Signature: Signed

Image rights: Courtesy Elmgreen & Dragset and König Galerie

About Elmgreen & Dragset

In their sculptures, installations, and performances, Elmgreen & Dragset redefine how art is presented and experienced. Their work borrows elements from social critique, performance, and architecture, as in Prada Marfa (2005), a Prada boutique sited in the Texas desert, or the one-act play Drama Queens (2007), in which remote-controlled replicas of iconic sculptures, including a Jeff Koons Rabbit, are voiced by actors including Kevin Spacey. For the 2009 Venice Biennale, they presented The Collectors, imagined living spaces of an art-collecting family and neighbor, wherein works by artists like Maurizio Cattelan and Tom of Finland were displayed alongside high-end design.

Danish and Norwegian, 1961 and 1969, Copenhagen, Denmark, based in London & Berlin