Emi Anrakuji, ‘CHASM’, 2009, Blindspot Gallery

Anrakuji’s work is an ongoing projects of self-portrait. The work is starkly self-revelatory but at the same time conceals much and leaves much to the viewer's imagination. In her work, she often posed naked in front of camera or mirror, with objects associated with femininity and youth, such as dolls, flowers and sex toys. While her body is often fully or partially exposed, her face cannot be seen as it is always out of the frame or covered by her hair. Her work can be seen as self-exploratory, but also voyeuristic, suggestive of being viewed from some hidden places.

About Emi Anrakuji

Japanese, b. 1963, Tokyo, based in Tokyo

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Charles A. Hartman Fine Art, 
Emi Anrakuji: IPY

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Charles A. Hartman Fine Art, 

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