Emi Ozaki, ‘Flies and Flowers’, 1969, Osceola Gallery

This is a vividly depicted surrealist painting on paper, 11.5" x 15", signed and dated at lower left. Well framed in turn of the century formed gold moulding and properly glazed with UV plexi, measuring 19.5" x 25" x 2" deep. Emi was married to Jimi Suzuki and she was a renowned sculptor, potter, and painter who impressed Peter Voulkos with her clay sculptures! She was also a recognized Collagist. She lived and sold work in the art colonies of Kentucky, NYC, and Calif. Though passing on early, she left us many enjoyable works.

Signature: signed and dated

Himovitz Gallery in Sacramento, Ca., ArtWorks Foundry Gallery in Berkeley, Ca.

Directly from artist

About Emi Ozaki

Japanese-American, 1948? - 1990's?, ?, based in America; Kentucky, NYC, and Davis, Ca.