Emil Carlsen, ‘Autumn Forest’, circa 1919, Doyle

The present work is included in the online Emil Carlsen Archives, which indicates that it was painted on Jerome Avenue.

Condition: Trimmed to the tacking edge and wax lined; stretchers not period. Very little inpaint under UV exam; there is a 1/2" square area of inpaint at the extreme lower right corner, and there is a small area approximately 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches that appears to be inpaint at the upper ledge, near the upper left corner. Pigments fluoresce.

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The artist
Luella May Carlsen, the artist's wife, by inheritance, 1932
Dines Carlsen, the artist's son, circa 1944
Estate of Florence B. G. S. Carlsen, Falls Village, CT, 1966
Wortsman Rowe Galleries, San Francisco, CA, circa 1975
Mr. and Mrs. Gunnar Anderson, circa 1975
Sotheby's New York, Dec. 5, 1985, lot 131, illus. Frederick R. Koch, New York, NY, acquired at the above
Sotheby's New York, Mar. 11, 1999, lot 56

About Emil Carlsen

Emil Carlsen excelled in landscape, still life, and figurative works, rendered with a cool, lyrical sense of design and a deep sensitivity for form and atmospheric light. The artist was revered by his colleagues for his dedication and mastery of the craft of painting, especially in the exquisite paint surfaces of his canvases that acted as counterpoint to the abstract and decorative deployment of forms, often flattened to heighten their dramatic interplay. Carlsen’s intimate landscapes were both real and deeply spiritual, often mesmerizing in their simplicity and underlying sophistication. He was also known for his superb technical finesse in drawing and the masterful decorative quality of his canvases.

Danish-American, 1853-1932, Copenhagen, Denmark