Emilia Azcarate, ‘Untitled’, 2015, ICI: Benefit Auction 2017
Emilia Azcarate, ‘Untitled’, 2015, ICI: Benefit Auction 2017

“A group of dozens of watercolor paintings on wood panels seems, with the works’ bright colors and busy patterns, designed far less to focus the eye or mind than to keep both on the move.”
— Holland Cotter, New York Times

The Venezuelan-born Emilia Azcárate explores forms of spirituality in her paintings, from a position defined by the space between a contemporary world that has largely lost touch with spirituality, and a history of art that is filled with representation of religious iconography. She has explored various spiritual traditions, drawn inspiration from elements found in Nichiren Buddhism, Hinduism, and Krishna consciousness. In her practice she has mined these movements’ connections to visual representation and abstraction including, for example, the mandala. Her paintings regularly use the circle as a central structural element, repeated successively to create a sort of vortex of energy and color.

The artist has had solo exhibitions internationally, at Centro de Arte Los Galpones, Caracas, and the Casa de América, Madrid, and many others.
—Courtesy of ICI

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Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Henrique Faria Fine Art, New York

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About Emilia Azcarate

Emilia Azcárate is a painter who explores unconventional and ever-expanding ways of creating marks and forms on canvas. She has been known in the past to use smoke stains and cow droppings to create her compositions, while she has made more recent paintings by cutting forms out of a stretched canvas with a scalpel, allowing the cutaway pieces to hang off the work. The results could be considered both painting and sculptural relief. For other works she cuts open and reveals the interior of notebooks. In Azcárate’s own words, “the stroke of the blade is as accurate as the brush, but the result is a loosening and transformation of the shape which ends with the birth of a sculpture.”

Venezuelan, b. 1964