Emilie Gossiaux, ‘lemon, gloves’, 2017, The Kitchen

Courtesy of the Artist and FALSE FLAG.

With this ceramic work, Emilie Gossiaux deftly employs color and form to reconsider mechanisms of visual perception and trigger memories of sensation. In 2010, during her senior year at Cooper Union, Gossiaux lost her sight in a near-fatal bike accident. Since then she has continued to work with clay and plaster, creating pieces that demonstrate a profound sensitivity to material and texture. As she describes it, “Since losing my vision six years ago, my practice as an artist has changed in that I no longer create or study using visual references. I rely on the memories I have of colors, shapes, and dimensions of objects and spaces. I also use physical memories: the way an object fits in the palm of my hand, the weight and texture of it, or how tall and wide it is in relation to my body.” –Courtesy of The Kitchen


Born in 1989, Emilie Gossiaux works primarily with papier-mâché, ceramics, wood, metals, and acrylic to make sculptures that aim to establish a multisensory experience of the visual art object. Gossiaux’s artistic practice gained a new focus as the result of an accident in 2010 which left her blind. Gossiaux has participated in exhibitions at Recess Art and FALSE FLAG in New York City, and her work was recently featured at NADA New York.

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Image rights: Courtesy of the Artist and The Kitchen.

About Emilie Gossiaux

American, b. 1989, New Orleans, LA, USA, based in New York, NY, USA

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