Emily Eveleth, ‘Arbitration’, 2016, DANESE/COREY

About Emily Eveleth

Emily Eveleth applies classical painting techniques to her quotidian, though evocative, subjects. She is perhaps best known for her dramatic paintings of doughnuts in monumental scales. In these, Eveleth treats the doughnuts as isolated still lifes, with gestural brushwork and dramatic lighting; she also is working on an ongoing series featuring an anonymous pair of hands holding a variety of objects. Eveleth explains that she is attracted to these subjects because of their expressive potential, and their ability to allude to ideas beyond their own apparent subject matter. Eveleth originally studied silkscreen techniques; since, she has experimented with ink drawing, pastel, gouache, and model airplane enamels, in addition to oil paints. Eveleth also developed a unique method of mixing graphite and oil, which she uses with Mylar.

American, b. 1960, Hartford, Connecticut, based in Boston, MA, United States