Emily Mason, ‘And Beyond’, 2016, Tayloe Piggott Gallery

About Emily Mason

Among the foremost American abstract painters, Emily Mason produces oil-on-canvas compositions with exquisite sensitivity to color, balance, and form. The daughter of Alice Trumbull Mason, herself a pioneering abstractionist, she cultivated an early interest in art and the Modernist movement that defined her youth and early adulthood. While Mason is steeped in and part of the history of American abstraction, she brings a singular vision to her work. The urban and natural environments surrounding her shape her compositions, as do the plane of the canvas and the physicality and color of the paint. Mason approaches each of her paintings on its own terms, comparing her process to a game of chess: “One more move, like chess—a musical conversation—violin, cello. Pick it up, make a move—wait—let time go in between. Then I know what to do.”

American, b. 1932, based in New York, New York

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