Emily Sundblad, ‘Untitled’, 2013, The Green Gallery

About Emily Sundblad

With a practice encompassing painting, performance, and running her own gallery (Reena Spaulings Fine Art) Emily Sundblad explores artistic identity, the art market, and the nature of art itself with humor and pathos. By continually deconstructing and re-forming her identity through her varied activities, she deliberately confounds attempts to fix her practice with definitions and expectations. Claiming that she is “a Sunday painter,” she produces loose, expressive compositions that appear casual, dashed-off, and inspired by Martin Kippenberger. She concentrates on flowers, self-portraits, still lifes, and urban vignettes with equal weight and attention, and once pre-empted the path of a painting to the secondary market by auctioning it off before it could be sold through a gallery. Sundblad opens most of her exhibitions performing songs about love, loss, and the search for oneself and one’s place in the world.

Swedish, b. 1977