Emmanuel Babled, ‘Osmosi - Vase n°1’, 2013, Galerie Yves Gastou

Emmanuel Babled is working with Venini over 20 years. Surrounded by 7 blowers, he created for this collection of vases, organic forms, available in blue, gray and red.

After 3D scanning, these vases are "embedded" in blocks of Carrara marble, as if the glass was blown directly into the stone. This unique combination is made possible by new technology. The two unique pieces do more then one. Symbiosis or " osmosis " is then complete.

About Emmanuel Babled

Using aqueous, biomorphic forms and imaginatively juxtaposed materials, Emmanuel Babled’s “Osmosi” series features sensuous designs that flaunt their sensuality and otherworldly grace. Babled is partial to using colored Murano glass and white Carrara marble in his work. He creates thick, droplet-shaped glass forms and contrasts their voluptuous and erotically suggestive shapes against robust and hard-edged stone. “My approach to design is also an ethical issue,” Babled has said. “It’s about allowing the material to bring out results that are not necessarily related to orthogonal forms.” Babled is attracted to organic shapes, and they appear in his vase-like creations as well as other pieces including lamps, tables, and chairs. He also balances the production of editioned series with industrial projects, creating both singular works and mass-produced objects.

French, b. 1967, based in Lisbon, Portugal

Group Shows

Galerie VIVID, 

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Twenty First Gallery at The Salon Art + Design 2017
Galerie VIVID at Art Rotterdam 2016
Galerie VIVID at Design Miami/ Basel 2015