Enzo Fiore, ‘ GENESI PAUL NEWMAN’, 2015, Contini Art Gallery

Image rights: Contini Art Gallery

About Enzo Fiore

In his engulfing, mixed-media paintings and poignant sculptures, Enzo Fiore explores the fraught, heady intersection of man, nature, and culture. Using such unlikely organic materials as twigs, roots, earth, leaves, stones, and, more recently, insects, sealed and suspended in epoxy resin, he crafts sculptures of animals and human figures, and fills canvases with portraits of iconic artists, musicians, filmmakers, celebrities, and political leaders and despots. An image of Marilyn Monroe composed of sticks, maggots, and dirt, for example, combines her beauty with a sense of decay and abjection. He has approached portraits of Hitler and Mao with similar materials, as well as his detailed re-construction of such masterworks as Vermeer’s The Allegory of Painting (c. 1666). As Fiore demonstrates in all of his works, this is the stuff of what we are made, inescapable and true.

Italian, b. 1968, Milan, Italy, based in Milan, Italy