Enzo Mari, ‘Salt shaker and pepper grinder’, 1972, Casati Gallery

Published in Interview Magazine Germany, February 2017, pg. 70

Signature: Manufacturers mark to the underside [Made in Italy Danese Milano Enzo Mari 1972]

Image rights: casati gallery

Manufacturer: Danese

About Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari is an important figure in Italian design, although he has been known to frequently declare that “design is dead.” He studied Classics and Literature at the Accademia di Brera, Milan, and blends art and design in his work, which is underpinned by intense research and his philosophical, theoretical approach. His rational, cerebral style has set him apart from other innovators in postmodern Italian design, including the exuberant Memphis Group. A firm believer in Communist ideology, Mari infuses his designs with aspects of multi-functionality and customization meant to engage and empower both the user and the factory workers who make his products.

Italian, b. 1932, Novara, Italy, based in Milan, Italy