Erdem Taşdelen, ‘Dear’, 2010, Galeri NON
Erdem Taşdelen, ‘Dear’, 2010, Galeri NON

21 x 28 cm (8 1/2" x 11") each. Installation size variable.

The letters in this project speak to a number of personal romantic events between two people, but are written generically and anonymously. Although at first sight they may seem to be a correspondence, a quick reading reveals that they are actually all written by the same individual. The author has written these letters only to obsessively edit and correct them, in a hopeless attempt to effectively communicate with and understand the anonymous "Dear" that the letters are all addressed to. Since there is never a letter enough to be sent, this activity is a failure in communicating with the Other. Instead, writing is seen as engaging in self-reflexivity, where the process of writing the letters is an inward gaze for the writer.

About Erdem Taşdelen

Turkish, b. 1985, Ankara, Turkey, based in Vancouver, Canada

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