Eria Sane Nsubuga, ‘Mukaabya's slaves and their legacies’, 2016, Afriart Gallery

Eria Solomon Nsubuga also known as ‘SANE’, born 1979, is a contemporary Ugandan painter, illustrator, sculptor and art lecturer. An active practicing artist since 1999, Eria has had several successful solo and group shows in Kampala, Nairobi, Dar-es-Salaam and beyond. His work is enjoyed on virtually all continents of the world. He is a social artist choosing to study the climate of politics, allocation of resources, morality and spirituality. Some writers and scholars refer to him as a political artist. His profile can also be viewed on:

Eria ‘Sane’ unlike most pro African actors does not see Christianity as a colonial tool and as such sees no contradiction between his personal faith and art practice. If anything, faith has been a key driver in SANE’s artistic journey since 1999. Instead he focuses his attention in the course of his work to adding an African flavor to Christianity. Sane uses political and Christian imagery in his practice to show his faith and depict its relevance to African living. He also seeks to africanise more of the Christian iconography that has been unfairly apportioned a Eurocentric mode while Black characters remain depicted as evil or wretched in Art history. While critical of European racism, Sane is also a firm critic of Africa’s failure to take care of her internal problems like fairly distributing her wealth to its people and sees African politics today as the most toxic problem standing in way of the continent’s social and economic advancement. He sees a contradiction in his society in Uganda of having high endemic corruption and yet many leaders claim to be religious. Morality for instance can hardly be separated in his view from politics or resource allocation. Some of his comments and artwork may be found on: and

SANE recently participated in the Cape Town Art Fair (2015), the Florence Biennale (2011), KLA ART 2012 (Kampala Contemporary Art Festival), the East African Art Auction (2013), Kampala Contemporary Art Biennale (2014), the East African Art Auction (2014), among many others.

His art has been used for many publications such as the cover page art for The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/ The World Bank book “Global Monitoring Report 2007”, and cover page art and inside book of the prestigious Transition magazine Issue #104, of the W.E. Du Bois Institute of African and African American studies, Harvard University, Indiana University Press, U.S.A (2011).
In 2013 while at a Residency at 32 Degrees East/ Ugandan Arts Trust, Eria Nsubuga ‘Sane’ also embarked on an animation collaboration with Eric Mukalazi, which series he named Abanene: the Chronicles, with a solo show of paintings at Afriart Gallery, Kampala by the same name. The first installment can be viewed on

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Ugandan, b. 1979, Kampala, Central Region, Uganda, based in Kampala, Central Region, Uganda