Eric Cahan, ‘Palm Beach, FL, 6:33pm ’, 2012, Benrubi Gallery

About Eric Cahan

Though Eric Cahan photographs skies and oceans, his compositions are not traditional landscapes—his true subject is the quality and appearance of light at sunrise and sunset. Cahan’s works, which he divides into categories of horizontal and vertical photographs, show expansive fields of richly saturated color with the occasional appearance of the clouds and the sea. The photos’ titles relay the scene’s geographic coordinates and the precise time the images were taken. Cahan was inspired to begin these works, collectively called the “Sky Series”, after seeing James Turrell’s earthworks at Roden Crater; his other cited influences include Mark Rothko and the Light and Space Movement. Recently, Cahan has begun to make sculptures from semi-transparent, tinted polyester resin as an extension of his photography series.

American, based in Brooklyn, New York

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