Eric Haacht, ‘Untitled (study)’, 2016, Flat Space Art

Eric Haacht is a self taught portrait painter. The eighties born artist has been painting for ten years, the first portrait was painted in 2011 and since then has only painted portraits with the goal to explore a concern with the 'immediacy and the artificialness of life (and death) and a yarning to demonstrate his hunch that time and form are a mere ruse. In the last three years Eric has sold his work privately around the world including LA, New York, Melbourne, Hong Kong, London (Saatchi) and Milan. At first hesitant to show his work publicly. Eric is beginning to move into the gallery and now has shown in Montreal and at this year’s Moniker art fair in London and has plans to show in Cape town in early 2016. Eric will continue the habit of wanting to find the line where distortion and obfuscation seem to be a movement away from form. Part of on going studies exploring the abstract in the portrait.
We are very delighted to be able to offer you Eric's beautiful art works. Collectable.

About Eric Haacht