Eric Holubow, ‘Revolution’, 2014, Hexton Gallery

“For a relatively young country, America is rich in decaying ruins that cover its landscape. Through his striking photography, Eric Holubow provides a glimpse inside these perilous structures to reveal the slow but unforgiving wear and tear that has befallen many of the country’s forgotten sites. What transpires is surprising, yet undeniable in the beauty that lies beneath the rubble and decrepitude.”
– Abandon: America’s Vanishing Landscapes

This massive refrigeration generator is testament to extraordinary
life-changing innovations. When Armour and Company were founded in 1867, refrigerators did not exist. Armour saw an opportunity in this vastly inefficient system of shipping the animal live via rail to the processing plant. Adapting one of his chief competitor’s ideas to refrigerate meat, Armour built their own fleet of refrigerated boxcars to ship processed meat all across the country. Armour had 12,000 refrigerated boxcars in operation at its peak. This innovation had a cascade of benefits for the consumer. Other food companies quickly adopted refrigeration and raised food quality standards nationwide.

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Image rights: © Eric Holubow

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