Eric Wesley, ‘DPS #40 (I Made it to The Border ! (Home))’, 2016, Bortolami

About Eric Wesley

Combining design and ironic commentary, Eric Wesley creates installations and paintings that are part art-historical reference and part invention. For example, “Spa-fice” (2007-2008), a hybrid spa-office, synthesizes the modular aesthetic of the office with the requisite ingredients for a spa, including a Jacuzzi and a giant bathrobe suspended from the ceiling. Humorously evoking the importance of (or imprisonment by-) the Cartesian grid in modern art, Wesley’s series “D’Carts Blanche and New Paintings” (2010)—“D’Carts” acting as a pun on the name René Descartes—features the Cartesian coordinates of X, Y and Z translated into objects, including three carts and paint-splashed canvases in primary colors.

American, b. 1973, Los Angeles, California, based in Los Angeles, California