Eric Wesley, ‘New Realistic Figures (Sleeping): Jean’, 2009, Bortolami

About Eric Wesley

Combining design and ironic commentary, Eric Wesley creates installations and paintings that are part art-historical reference and part invention. For example, “Spa-fice” (2007-2008), a hybrid spa-office, synthesizes the modular aesthetic of the office with the requisite ingredients for a spa, including a Jacuzzi and a giant bathrobe suspended from the ceiling. Humorously evoking the importance of (or imprisonment by-) the Cartesian grid in modern art, Wesley’s series “D’Carts Blanche and New Paintings” (2010)—“D’Carts” acting as a pun on the name René Descartes—features the Cartesian coordinates of X, Y and Z translated into objects, including three carts and paint-splashed canvases in primary colors.

American, b. 1973, Los Angeles, California, based in Los Angeles, California

Solo Shows

Galleria Fonti, 
Naples, Italy,
Eric Wesley
Redling Fine Arts, 
Los Angeles, CA, USA,
Eric Wesley: BUG (A Proposal 2018)
Red Bull Arts, NADA 2018, 
New York, NY, USA,
The Bell, Mannahatta

Group Shows

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, 
Detroit, MI, USA,
99 Cents or Less

Fair History on Artsy

Bortolami at Art Basel 2016
China Art Objects Galleries at NADA Miami Beach 2013