Eric Zener, ‘Summer Lotus’, Joanne Artman Gallery

Photo based and painted mixed media with resin on panel

About Eric Zener

Eric Zener’s photorealistic oil paintings are focused on four motifs: landscapes, figures in bed or on tightropes, and bodies in water. A self-taught artist, Zener manipulates light to create psychologically charged atmospheres for his subjects, who never reveal their faces but nonetheless appear vulnerable while enveloped in bed sheets or immersed in water. Zener views these solitary instances as profound experiences in the face of nature’s grand scale. “Regardless of who you are or where you come from, we all feel a great sense of ‘transformation’ from the world above when we are submerged in the blue water of a pool or the boundless space of the sea,” Zener has said.

American, b. 1966, Astoria, OR, United States, based in San Francisco, CA, United States