Erica Eyres, ‘Santa’, 2015, Lisa Kehler Art + Projects

Holidays in the Future

About Erica Eyres

Erica Eyres has become well known for her exaggerated depictions of women who are simultaneously endearing and grotesque. Her works take their inspiration from commercial and pop cultural sources, like TV programs and advertisements, to satirize social misgivings about female beauty and identity. On the subject of the humorously doleful look of her subjects, Eyres explains: “I’m just interested in awkwardness, in myself and other people.” In fact, Eyres has modeled for her own drawings, costumed in wigs and false teeth. The artist also stars alongside friends and family in her film projects, which are loosely modeled after television genres like soap operas, dating game shows, and reality shows. Her films borrow the aesthetic of low-budget films, with hyperbolic plot lines that nevertheless explore the destructive qualities of the human psyche.

Canadian, b. 1980, Winnipeg, Canada