Erik Bunger, ‘The Elephant who was a Rhinoceros’, 2017, Gallery On The Move

Lecture performance / book
‘The Elephant who was a Rhinoceros’ is a project in the form of a lecture performance and a book. It explores the foundational role that the animal plays within human language, as a name for that speechlessness from which speech once took off. A creature that does not speak; a creature you cannot speak of.The lecture traces the footprints of this impossible figure as it appears every time the definition of the human, as a speaking being, is measured against the animal, as mute and unspeakable. It is the elephant in every room. It is a white bear, whose silhouette looms larger with every effort to keep it out of your mind.

Series: The Elephant who was a Rhinoceros 2017

Signature: Erik Bunger

Image rights: Erik Bunger

Berlin, Germany

About Erik Bunger

Sweden, b. 1976, Växjö, based in Berlin, Germany