Erik Bunger, ‘The Third Man’, 2010, Gallery On The Move

Lecture performance / video

The second part in a trilogy of works began with A Lecture on Schizophonia and ending with The Girl Who Never Was.The project is presented either as lecture performance or as a video.

The Third Man (2010) investigates the darker side of song; music as a parasite infecting humanity at some point in prehistory and propagating itself by jumping from body to body. Some researchers believe that language developed from primeval men singing to each other. Song then becomes the first technology; the first time an alien structure infiltrates and takes control of the human body. Song is also the first technology that each individual encounters in life.The mother’s singing voice works its way into the womb before any other conditioning of the child can take place.

Series: The Third Man 2010

Signature: Erik Bunger

Image rights: Erik Bunger

Berlin, Germany

About Erik Bunger

Sweden, b. 1976, Växjö, based in Berlin, Germany