Erik den Breejen, ‘Laughing and Laughing and Laughing’, 2015, Freight + Volume

About Erik den Breejen

Artist and musician Erik den Breejen feeds his passion for music and the process of painting into his acrylic-on-canvas compositions, which are composed of words derived from song lyrics. He compares each word to a cellular unit, out of which he constructs landscapes, abstract patterns, album covers, and portraits of the musicians he idolizes. As he describes, music and painting seamlessly merge in his practice: “Once I’ve figured out the text I’m using, it becomes very much about all the painting decisions, and that’s what carries the process and keeps it interesting.” While den Breejen usually focuses on a single song, he pays homage to the Beach Boys’ SMiLE album, and to the art of music itself, in an eponymous series begun in 2010.

American, b. 1976, Berkeley, California, based in Brooklyn, New York