Erik Desmazières, ‘Atelier René Tazé VI’, 1993, Koller Auctions

Edition 11/90. Signed and dated lower right: Erik Desmaizières 1993, also titled bottom centre: Atelier René Tazé. Image 65,5 x 100 cm on vélin by BFK Rives (with the watermark) 72 x 109 cm.

Image rights: Courtesy Koller Auktionen.

About Erik Desmazières

The work of modern master printer Erik Desmazières looks as though it might have been created centuries ago, with its carefully rendered lines reminiscent of Albrecht Dürer, Jacques Callot and Francesco Piranesi—albeit with a touch of science fiction. An accomplished draftsman, Desmazières creates work filled with uncanny attention to detail and executed with a hand for atmospheric light and shadow. His work ranges from the hyperrealistic (his views of Paris) to the fantastic (the illustrations he created for Jorge Luis Borges’ Library of Babel) and the surreal (images of giant crabs and undulating cities). Combining this vivid sense of imagination with the artist’s steady and sure hand, Desmarzières has been described as “arguably the finest French printmaker of his generation.”

French, b. 1948, Rabat, Morocco, based in Paris, France