Erin Hammond, ‘Adela’, 2016, Artspace Warehouse

Signature: This artwork is signed by the artist on the front and titled on the back.

About Erin Hammond

American painter Erin Hammond engages the art historical genres of the nude and the society portrait through the syntaxes of the fashion sketch and abstraction. Beginning with writing, then alternating layers of pencil and acrylic, she combines an active interest in the female body with experiments in color and calligraphic scribble. Hammond works directly on wood grounds, allowing the knots and textures to puncture her surfaces. “I tend to focus on the roughness of line and the immediate processes of painting,” she says. “As we are unfinished beings, in the process of completion, my paintings reflect that concept as I overlap with paint and pencil lines, overworking some areas and leaving other areas unfinished.” As both an actor and a model, Hammond uses the unfinished elements of her aesthetic to explore the contemporary fascination with (im)perfection latent in those professions.

American, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, based in Los Angeles, California