Erin Shirreff, ‘Figure 2’, 2014, Public Art Fund 2014 Benefit Auction

Estimate $3,500-$5,000. Erin Shirreff's work deals with the challenges of representing three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional forms, most often in highly constructed photographs and films. In disorienting prints like Figure 2, she creates the illusion of large, metal sculptures with paper that has been cut, painted, collaged, and otherwise manipulated in the studio.

Edition of 12 + 2 APs, 1PP

About Erin Shirreff

Erin Shirreff’s interest in in-between states and focus on formal characteristics—volume, shape, and dimension—influence her sculptures, photographs, and videos. Her works often feature abstract, geometric forms or images of representational elements, such as abandoned architectural structures, rendered semi-abstract by the artist’s framing and presentation. In many of her compositions, Shirreff blurs the lines between two- and three-dimensional space, and wholeness and incompleteness. Her sculptures consist of variously arranged planes, which appear to shift—expanding and flattening—when viewed from different angles. In her photographs, she pieces together images of disparate sculptural forms, demonstrating that sculpture can be crafted in two dimensions. All of Shirreff’s work reflects her interest in the openness of objects and undefined situations—a state she describes as a “wonderful zone of possibility.”

Canadian, b. 1975