Ernesto Romano, ‘Idol’, 2018, Contemporary Collective

This is a uniquelly hand finished piece. Over 5000 Swarovski crystals in the size 9 (2.5-2.6 mm) have been gliued one by one by the artist to create a sparkly crown of thorns on his own x-rayed skull in purple. The title Idol refers to the new idols of our society that replaced old idols of which this piece still mantains the typical iconography ( The crown of thorns of Jesus) But the new Idols are shiny in their instagram pages, showing off luxury trips, expensove jewels and cars and a life we all dream of, maybe.. But the skulls reminds us that without those perks we all look the same. Unique edition, this piece is an original Signed on the front by the artist. This artwork was exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 9-13 May.

Signature: Signed On the Back by the Artist

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