Ernie Button, ‘Genlivet 162’, photo-eye Gallery

About Ernie Button

Focusing on subjects grand and mundane, Ernie Button takes color photographs of cities and sights on his travels worldwide. He captures amusement parks, plastic toys, the residue of whiskey left behind in glasses, and breakfast cereal arranged into landscape scenes. Acknowledging the wide range of his portfolio, he explains: “Although my subject matter varies, my images focus on the individual nature of objects (and occasionally people) and the unique qualities that each possesses. My images often provide a voice to objects that are ignored and are frequently overlooked or taken for granted.” When shooting outside of the studio, Button often works with a film-based Holga, the low-cost camera developed in the 1980s and known for producing slightly blurred and distorted images. In the studio, Button uses higher resolution cameras to reveal the strange, surreal beauty in close-up views of ordinary materials.

based in Phoenix, AZ, United States