Esther Traugot, ‘Patched egg (goose egg 2)’, 2017, Muriel Guépin Gallery

About Esther Traugot

Esther Traugot obscures natural objects within hand-crocheted coverings, in a curious and aesthetically intriguing attempt to preserve nature and prevent its decay. She refers to these coverings as ‘bandages’ and ‘cozies’. Her work examines not only ideas of time and decomposition, but also of labor, as every piece is painstakingly crafted by the artist’s own hand. “I create works that play between seeing oneself as an intrinsic part of the natural landscape, as well as an observer of it,” she says. By immersing herself in physical interactions with these objects, she imbues them with a new sense of humanity and bridges the gap between natural and artificial.

American, based in Sebastopol, California