Ethan Greenbaum, ‘TBT’, 2016, LYLES & KING

About Ethan Greenbaum

Finding beauty in concrete, cinderblocks, and even in elements of urban decay, Ethan Greenbaum creates sculptural pieces centered around building materials. To produce his celebrated wall reliefs, he begins by photographing sidewalks, bricks, and wall paneling, then manipulates the images through digital editing and other techniques. For instance, an untitled 2012 series involved printing life-size sidewalk images onto translucent plastic, then vacuum-forming it around broken ceiling tiles. The resulting low-relief panel offered viewers new ways of perceiving and relating to the built environment. In other works, Greenbaum pours cement into the crevices of Styrofoam packaging, turning the waste materials into a sculpture mold.

American, b. 1979, based in Brooklyn, New York

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