Ethan Murrow, ‘The Svend Foyn’, 2014, Slete Gallery

About Ethan Murrow

In multimedia works, Ethan Murrow builds narratives featuring characters with pathological ambitions. “It seems to me that there is a fragile line between reckless obsession and brilliant success,” he has said. “My work resides in this area, applauding ridiculous pursuits and cringing at ill-fated experimentation.” Murrow begins his process by creating collaborative film works, after which he builds installations composed of props, reused as sculptures, and photorealistic graphite drawings based on film stills. These drawings resemble black-and-white newspaper photos from the early 20th century, and suggest a pseudo-documentary archive of the pursuits of Murrow’s characters. Although he deals with grand themes of human ambition, Murrow infuses his work with absurdist humor, revealing the comedic failure of his subjects.

American, b. 1975