Ettore Sottsass, ‘Kachina’, 2007, Friedman Benda

It is an "edition of 6" but since it is blown glass they are all a bit different.
Glass parts produced by Cirva.
"Kachinas are wooden dolls dressed with fabric, furs, animal hair and feathers and painted in different designs and colours. They can also be masks worn by men who dance so-called ceremonial dances in town squares, mainly on the winter solstice but sometimes also in mid-July. Kachinas are also supernatural beings, but they are neither gods nor people. They are the souls of the unknown, of everything that is unknown, so kachinas represent the unknown in our existence in the universe...", with these words, in 2004, Ettore Sottsass described the Kachinas

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About Ettore Sottsass

An Italian architect and designer known for his large oeuvre including furniture, jewelry, glass, lighting, and office design, Ettore Sottsass was also the founder in the early 1980s of the Memphis Group. Drawing inspiration from such movements as Art Deco and Pop Art, Memphis produced and exhibited furniture and objects that were vibrant in color and futuristic in design. Sottsass’ own work was known for its variety, oftentimes incorporating playfulness through ornamentation and color. His Olivetti typewriter (1969), one of his most celebrated designs, made of bright red-orange plastic, was a Pop phenom in both its functionality and innovative design. His architecture and design career spanned many decades and styles.

Italian, 1917-2007, Innsbruck, Austria, based in Milan, Italy

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