Ettore Spalletti, ‘Dormiveglia’, 2010, Lia Rumma

Eight elements: three elements 200x200x4cm – 78,75x78,75x1,6 inches each
and five elements 200x100x4cm – 78,75x39,4x1,6 inches each
Total dimensions: 346x346x346 cm – 143,3x143,3x143,3 inches

About Ettore Spalletti

Ettore Spalletti was a seminal figure in Italian Minimalism and the Arte Povera movement, exploring geometry, precision, and the spiritual power of simple materials in his practice. In his extremely simple, painted columnar forms and monochromatic paintings, Spalletti simultaneously suggests classical structures and explores the formal qualities of paint. Favoring the impasto technique of traditional Italian painting for its depth of color and potential to yield extremely reflective surface textures, Spalletti applies paint to marble and other raw materials to create luminous and sublime three-dimensional paintings.

Italian, b. 1940, Pescara, Italy, based in Cappelle sul Tavo (Pescara), Italy