Eve Aschheim, ‘LL-7’, 2015, SILAS VON MORISSE gallery

About Eve Aschheim

Eve Aschheim has been called a draftsman as well as a painter, with reference to the diagrammatic quality of her works. Her style is austere and sparse, usually featuring a limited color palette and linear geometric compositions. In spite of their abstraction, Aschheim’s works often suggest architectural structures and three-dimensional space, best demonstrated by pieces like Abyssinia (2011) and Untitled (Window) (2007); she sometimes heightens this effect of pictorial depth through the use of semi-transparent materials like Mylar. Aschheim has been compared variously to Robert Mangold, Agnes Martin, and Eva Hesse for her emphasis on linework with a hand-drawn quality.

American, b. 1958, New York, New York, based in New York, New York