Eve Fowler, ‘Having had it in way the having had it anyway having had it anyway having had it in that way, having had it and had and heard it in this way mountains are understood’, 2015, NINO MIER GALLERY

About Eve Fowler

“I think there’s a very sexist impulse to desexualize lesbians. I’ve tried to work within the parameters of mainstream tropes to undo that,” says photographer, video, and performance artist Eve Fowler. Her images of transgender men and women explore the lives and experiences of marginalized and suppressed sexual minorities, portraying the body as a site for political and social engagement. Her work typically employs strategies used by portrait photographers such as Cindy Sherman, Martha Wilson, and Catherine Opie, both celebrating and questioning the conventions of photography—its surfaces, documentary nature, constructs, and cultural ubiquity.

American, b. 1964, based in Los Angeles, California