Evelyn Doenike, ‘Zeitpunkt’, 2010, Artspace Warehouse

Evelyn Doenike works mostly with Acrylics, using a mixture of collage and layers of paint. Additionally, she uses special techniques, working in graphite, sand, tar and similar materials with a spatula. She adds several thin layers to create a volume reflecting depth and width as well as closeness and distance.
Oftentimes, her signatures or printed letters add to the content of the painting. She also works in images with secret meanings into the painting. It is important to Evelyn that her paintings create dreams and fantasies and allow each onlooker to interpret her works. Various states of mind appear and meld together in all of her works.

Signature: Signature on side

Image rights: Artspace Warehouse

About Evelyn Doenike

Evelyn Doenike creates textured, abstract compositions, using a range of materials and techniques including layers of acrylic paint, collage, graphite, sand, and tar. Working in predominantly neutral tones, Doenike often paints blocks or bands of color into her compositions, and integrates her signature or initials into the design. She aims to address dreams, fantasies, and states of mind in her work.

German, b. 1967