Ezra Johnson, ‘Crowded Platform’, 2017, Freight + Volume

About Ezra Johnson

In a practice that merges the still and moving image, Ezra Johnson produces paintings and animation, fostering a synergy between these two media that pushes each beyond its material parameters. In his words, “I use each medium to propel the other in sort of a perpetual motion, creativity machine…In this way a new logic and energy begins to form between the two.” In his mid- to large-scale oil-on-canvas paintings, the logic of time and motion is evident in kinetic brushstrokes and patterns that pull the eye across the picture plane, and in ambiguous vignettes—of crashing waves, for example—that read as stills cut from a narrative sequence. Johnson’s labor-intensive animated films are composed of a myriad of individual, painted frames. Alternately abstract and figurative, they are composed of images continually coming-into-being, animating the process of painting itself.

American, b. 1975, Wenatchee, Washington, based in Brooklyn, New York

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University of Tennessee School of Art, 
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Freight + Volume at Moving Image Istanbul 2015
Freight + Volume at NADA New York 2014