Fabian Marti, ‘Deep Egg (Nihil)’, 2015, Outset: Benefit Auction 2017

From the Catalogue:
Predominantly, the works of Swiss artist Fabian Marti deal with formalism, abstraction and Op Art. Through the multifaceted layering of spirals, stripes and dotted patterns the objects and symbols acquire a hypnotic character that allows the viewers access to a secluded world. Shamanism, the engagement with the conscious and the expansion thereof in form of a temporal, spatial, spiritual and cultural borderline experiences are returning elements in Marti‘s body of work. He combines traditional handcraft and manual methods of artistic production with the newest technologies and mechanical reproduction techniques in a way that the former don‘t suffer the loss of their directness. His new photograms (all silver gelatin print, mounted on aluminium, covered with epoxy resin.) show egg-shaped convergent circles in the center of the image – which at first appear to be the artist‘s enlarged fingerprint. Using computer made stencils, Marti exposes the photo paper directly to light, evoking a unique range of colors in the photographic process. The artist skillfully deploys the resulting blurs, dust particle and scratch marks as well as overexposures as an aesthetic component of the work.
Source: Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich

Signature: Certificate of Authenticity

Image rights: Courtesy Fabian Marti and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich Photo: Ron Kamrau

About Fabian Marti

With post-minimal verve and conceptual flair, Fabian Marti creates sculptural and wall works through which he explores ideas about artistic production and identity. Marti’s work extends from a reconsideration of the role of the artist as a brand and producer of goods and services for clients such as collectors, institutions, and viewers. He often includes recurring motifs, such as Op art-like black-and-white patterns and handprints, and embraces mechanical processes that include signature traces of the artist’s hand at work: photograms, ceramics, installations, and prints. Marti sees his work as aiming to break free of mechanical social and technological conceits. “To work in a more direct way, with my hands, I see it as a very archaic thing: creating something out of earth,” he says. Marti was featured in the 54th Venice Biennale.

Swiss, b. 1979, based in Zurich, Switzerland

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