Fabiano Parisi, ‘Il mondo che non vedo # 110’, 2011, Diana Lowenstein Gallery

About Fabiano Parisi

Fabiano Parisi makes large-scale, highly detailed photographs of forgotten architectural interiors and exteriors. For his series “Il mondo che non vedo" (The world I do not see) (2007), which won the Celeste Prize in 2010, Parisi visited abandoned buildings in the United States, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Eastern Europe and photographed them in intimate compositions. Although each spectacularly lit image highlights the decrepit state of the spaces, Parisi also illuminates their former grandeur. Parisi exhibited in the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011 and the Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma at the Macro Museum in 2012.

Italian, b. 1977